Lesson 6

Are two loops better than one?
Build your own one and two loop circuits to find out.
Series and parallel 101!

1 What did you do last time? 2 continuity switch PRINT one of these words next to
the matching picture on the next slide.
loop conductor load insulator
E-lesson 6 loo cont wal cond loa ins
4 On to building one and two loop circuits.
Locate your book and kit.
When you are ready, go to the next slide.
5 Find these items in your kit: battery
1.5 Volt
buzzer alligator
6 new word alert - SERIES This is called
a SERIES circuit.
Connect the bulb and the motor
in ONE big loop.
1 The bulb and motor are connected
one after the other in a single loop.
Electricity flows through each part in turn.
If one part in the loop goes out, so will all the others.
7 new word alert - PARALLEL Connect the bulb
and motor in a
TWO loop circuit.
Is the light brighter in
the one or two loop circuit?
2 IF the bulb goes out, the motor will still run
in this two loop or parallel circuit.
The parts in
the two loop circuit are connected in PARALLEL.
8 Select to Play. 9 Videos on Series and Parallel 10 Advanced BBC Documentary 11