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1 What did you do last time? 2 Newton object inertia motion rest law PRINT the word next
to the image on the next slide.
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4 Pull a wagon. What is a FORCE? A force is a push or a pull. PULL a chair
from a table.
Can you think of other things your can pull? Pull open a drawer. Pull a dog on a leash.
5 Push a shopping cart or a wagon. A Push is a FORCE A force is a PUSH or a PULL. Push a toy car or truck. Can you think of other things you can push? 6 You measure the PULL of gravity
on your body with a bath scale.

We measure this PULL in pounds
or newtons.
You know a lot about FORCES!
The Earth pulls down
on everything on its surface.
A force is a PUSH or a PULL.
7 You will need: You can build a device
that measures a PULL!
paper clip spring tape plastic tube paper scale screw
& nut
yellow tube
8 Measure a Force Build a spring scale to measure the force of a PULL. Unfold the paper
clip into an S shape.
Put the spring inside the yellow tube. 1 2 The hole in the yellow pipe should be here. Line up the loop on the end
of the spring with the hole
in the yellow tube.
3 4 Hook the large end
of the paper clip through the holes
in the tube and
the loop in the spring.
9 Push the screw through
the holes in the outside tube
and the loop of the spring. Screw on the nut.
This holds the top of the spring
inside the tube.
Insert the yellow tube
inside the plastic tube.
5 6
10 7 8 Warp the paper scale around the tube.
Tape the scale to itself.
Cut out the paper scale. Be sure that the scale
slides freely up and down without sliding off the tube.
11 Congratulation! You just built a spring scale. hole punch To use your spring scale to measure a FORCE,
find these items
New Layer small apple
or other eatable
12 Now you are ready to measure a FORCE! Punch a hole in the cup. Hold up the spring scale with the empty cup attached. Slide the paper scale
until the zero mark
lines up with the top of the yellow tube.
Hook the cup
to the paper clip
on your spring scale.
You just ZEROED the spring scale. 1 2 3
13 Nibbling to a Newton 4 5 Put the small apple into the cup
Hold up the spring scale.
The gravity of the Earth is pulling down on the apple.
You are measuring the force of that PULL with your spring scale.
What number on the scale does the
top of the yellow tube line up with?
This is the weight of your apple in NEWTONS.
Does it weigh more than ONE NEWTON? Most apples do.
How could you make your apple weigh only ONE NEWTON?
14 Now use your spring scale to measure the PULL of gravity on what is left of your apple. Take a bite out of your apple, of course! 6 7 8 Now measure how many marbles, dominoes or pennies, it takes
to PULL down on the spring with the FORCE of ONE Newton.
Be careful not to overstretch the spring on your scale. Keep nibbling on you apple until it weights ONE NEWTON!
15 What is a Newton of Force? 16 Unbalanced Forces A Tug of War 17 Unbalanced Forces A Tug of War 18 An object in motion tends to WHAT An object at rest
tends to WHAT
A force is a Newton's First Law
is also called the
1 2 3 4 5 An object at rest stays at rest unless acted upon by Law of Inertia stay in MOTION stay at REST PUSH or a PULL an unbalanced force
19 Force and
the First Law of Motion
Legislation that protects you from the Law of Inertia! Inertia and Outside Forces A youtube video on seat belts