Energy P1 L1 A

1 2 You will also need
a clean flat area to do the projects:
or or
3 What IS energy? 4 There are actually many TYPES of energy.
You already know most of them.
So let's play a game.
I will give you clues.

Using those clues, try to guess the type of energy.
5 Click to Play SOUND is ENERGY 7 You can see me,
but you cannot touch me.

With the flick of a switch,
I enter your home.

With another,
I leave you alone.

What am I ?
Can you guess the next type
of energy from this riddle?
8 Click to Play ELECTRICAL ENERGY 9 I have a needle but I cannot sew.

I help you find your way
but I’m not a map.

I have N E W S on me
but I’m not a TV.

What am I and what type
of energy makes me work?
The clue to the next type of Energy
is in this riddle:
10 Click to Play MAGNETIC ENERGY
11 The clue to the next type of energy
is in the animation.
12 Click to Play Kinetic Energy: The Energy of Motion KINETIC ENERGY 24