Energy P1 L1 B

13 The clue to the next type of energy
is in the animation.
HINT: The apple
has quite a bit of it.
14 Click to Play POTENTIAL ENERGY 15 These are ALL clues to
the next type of energy:
16 RADIANT ENERGY Click to Play 17 All of these examples store
this next type of energy:
Click to Play CHEMICAL ENERGY 19 THERMAL ENERGY You are likely very familiar
with the ideas of HEAT and TEMPERATURE.
Though closely related, thermal or internal energy is different.

Here are two videos to help you to understand
this very important type of energy.
20 Thermal Energy or Internal Energy THERMAL ENERGY 21 These relate to the last
type of energy:
22 NUCLEAR ENERGY Click to Play Can you recall
the types of energy
you explored
Click for Answer The list so far: sound, electrical, magnetic,
mechanical (kinetic and potential), radiant,
chemical, internal or thermal, and nuclear.