ScienceWiz Plan

1 What is ScienceWiz? 2 K-8th Science Education is: Fewer teachers due to budget cuts Provides too little time for content Unaffordable
Elementary teachers lack background in science. Seldom engaging Lack of early STEM education leads to equity gaps by gender, language, culture, and lowers future career earnings. What is the Problem?
3 affordable Highly engaging, inspiring, student-oriented,
accommodates many styles of learning,
multimodel, effective, enriched content.

Each topic area is taught in a progression.
Builds a strong foundation of knowledge,
step by step, year by year.
Our Solution How is ScienceWiz different? refreshing addictive tells a story engaging
4 Our classes are extremely easy to use. How it Works We bring a Ph.D. scientist, best selling STEM author
and experienced teacher directly into the classroom.
The learning experience is supercharged
with our smart, split-screen interactivity.
This breakthrough innovation is achieved
with in-house proprietary (patent pending) tools.
ScienceWiz is an established publisher in the consumer channels. Accounts include: Hobby Lobby, Michaels, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target, Lakeshore Learning, museum stores, local books stores, some grocery store chains and upon occasion even Walmart and Costco. ScienceWiz has sold millions of copies of Dr. Norman's titles. Traction These include craft and hobby stores,
specialty toy stores,
internet stores (.coms),
mass market accounts,
hardware stores, school supply and
home schooling channels.
We are in the initial stages
of entering the school market.

To that end, we are building
a solid national rep team
for the school channel.

We just sold 17,000
books and kits
to a school district.

We are signed-up
to attend state-based,
as well as national science
teacher trade shows
which include workshops
and presentations.
7 Business Model Our strategy for school market penetration is to employ a freemium model to obtain initial adoption.
We have an existing business that has focused
on sales to the consumer channels.
This pays baseline overhead for
a production staff, fulfillment and marketing.
We are a manufacturer and wholesaler.
Our goal is to become a high-volume, high-margin manufacturer that sells directly to teachers and to schools.
8 We inspire a lifelong interest in STEM. ScienceWiz links all-time favorite childhood projects to STEM learning.
We are immersive, cinematic and engaging.
Unlike all the competition, we insist that each child has their own materials
-- and we make it affordable.
Our classes review and build from lesson to lesson, class to class,
and year to year. We build an interconnected framework of knowledge.
A new paradigm for hybrid learning. Competition - How Are We Different?
This is a nearly $3.0 billion market opportunity.
Unfortunately, nowhere near this sum is currently allocated
for elementary STEM education. It is closer to $1 billion right now.
With current changes in administration
this funding is expected to grow substantially.
Market Opportunity 40 million students are enrolled in K-8th in U.S. schools
87,500 K-8th schools in the U.S. (76.6% are public)
10 We are a household name with best sellers.
We have a pedigree. We are qualified.
We are completing a comprehensive
online hybrid learning curriculum.
It includes an online digital assistant and
makes use of our multimodal instructional tools.
We have printed books, workbooks, physical materials,
online simulations, interactive activities, teacher's guides, courseware and auto-grading assessment.
Progress to Date
11 Team Core Competency Product Development
Capital Management
Educational Expertise
Sourcing & Procurement
Manufacturing & Logistics
Sales and Marketing
Advanced Technology
Leading Innovation
Guerilla Entrepreneurs
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