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Online Afterschool Programs with Hands-on Projects
Key materials for HANDS-ON projects are provided

  • Each of our Afterschool Programs are taught in one day a week sessions. Electronics, Energy and Light include two afterschool programs to explore. You can sign-up for either one or both.
  • Duration: Each STEM afterschool day includes a 60 minute interactive live Zoom session.
  • Extended activities: About 30-60 additional minutes for afterschool.
  • Attendees are sent a companion book and kit uniquely configured for each program.
  • Age: Varies with each program. Electronics and Inventions are for intrepid builders of all ages. EXTREME Magnetism is deeply appealing and mesmerizing. It is also counterintuitive. How is it possible?

Five different ScienceWiz® Online Afterschool Programs are offered for this Fall 2021.
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3rd grade and up
Electronics 1, 2
3rd grade and up
3rd-7th grade
Energy 1, 2
3rd – 7th grade
Light 1, 2
3rd – 8th grade
EXTREME Magnetism!


ScienceWiz® STEM Afterschool programs provide real STEM content with actual STEM materials: multimeters, 50 feet of magnet wire, serious magnets, DC motors, buzzers, lights, electronic components, prisms and magnifiers.

These are true science adventures.

Our ScienceWiz® 8 or 10 week-long afterschool programs include LIVE zoom sessions in your home with materials that are sent straight to your door. These immersive programs include a combination of hands-on projects, interactive simulations and enthralling online experiences.

Through the live online sessions, afterschoolers are mentored by trained scientists and educators. The programs are team taught by experienced instructors, upper division science majors, graduate students, educators and Penny Norman, PhD. Together they provide an enriched and individualized mentoring experience. Our team loves science and we share that love with our students.

Afterschool programs build confidence by doing. They participate in small groups where they exchange ideas, ask questions, overcome challenges and innovate.

These programs are based on million copy sellers, developed by author and scientist, Penny Norman, PhD. Her books and kits have appealed to a whole generation of youngsters. Our ScienceWiz® afterschool programs include all-time favorite projects thoroughly tested in afterschool programs and summer camps over many years. To quote Scientific American Magazine, our projects show “long smoothing in the hands of many children.”

Awards for ScienceWiz INCLUDE:

Ann Einstein, MAT and retired teacher, has contributed to both the testing of the hands-on projects and the editing of the ScienceWiz® books and online content –– for many years and to this very day! “We start with the basics and go on from there. Many other afterschool programs ask students to connect the dots without giving them many dots to connect –– NOT a basis for learning much of anything.

Let the adventure begin!

Online Afterschool STEM Programs that are Both Enthralling and Educational

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