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You live in the age of mammals. You know about the age of dinosaurs. Long before the dinosaurs ruled the Earth, there was the Age of Amphibians. It was a time of giant flying insects and 10 feet long millipedes. Explore the combustible carboniferous with this interactive book that combines storytelling, hands-on activities with 3D manipulations, dynamic simulation and enthralling videos.

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Immerse yourself in a frog’s world with this interactive book on amphibians and frogs. What makes an amphibian, an amphibian? Explore metamorphosis. Model and spin through the stages of metamorphosis. Watch as real frog eggs divide into an embryo, emerge as tadpoles that swim about, develop legs, hands and lungs, lose their tails and become a frog that can breathe air. Examine each stage of metamorphosis in 3D.

From croaking and jumping to breeding and eating, explore a frog’s world. Watch the frog’s high-speed tongue in action. Model it yourself. How many paper flies can you catch with your frog’s tongue? Do frogs have teeth? Does a frog have blood? Can a frog breathe and drink through its skin? How does a frog stay warm? Do frogs hibernate in the winter?

Go inside a frog to explore how its anatomy functions. Can you find its stomach, its small intestines, its heart, its lungs? What does each organ DO for a frog? Build a frog from the inside out.