Kit & a book you can TALK to!


The Birds Science Kit includes a bird feeder, bird seed and a highly-interactive book you can TALK to!

The online book runs in all browsers, on desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones. It does not require special software.

This STEM Science kit on Birds combines storytelling with:

  • Assembly of the bird feeder
  • Bird Watching
  • Neighborhood nature walks
  • Electra, an AI-based expert
    She answers questions, makes up riddles and jokes.
    She can even write poetry!
  • Observing the antics of exotic birds
    live on webcams around the world
  • Video streaming
  • Interactive online explorations
  • Soaring paper airplanes to explore how birds fly
  • Finding the camouflaged bird hidden in the image

With the Bird ID app: You can point your cell phone or tablet at a specific bird to identify it either with the camera or by sound. You can also use the app to identify birds streamed to your device from web-cameras positioned around the world. Learn to decode the language of birds. They may be warning you that a coyote or mountain lion is approaching!

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Birds includes a bird feeder, birdseed as well as other hands-on projects and outdoor activities. It includes a highly-interactive, book you can talk to! Ask the AI-based avatar, Electra, anything you like. She will speak and text the answer. The book combines storytelling, a bird ID app, video streaming, animations, hands-on activities, interactive explorations and inquiry to explore the living dinosaurs we call birds. This is not just a book, it is an extraordinary new type of experience, appropriate for naturalists of all ages.

  • Discover what makes a bird a dinosaur.
  • Decode the language of birds.
  • Watch magnificent birds LIVE — feeding, nesting and raising their young all over the world.
  • Ponder what makes a bird, a bird.
  • Distinguish which feathers are from a bird’s wing and which are from its tail. Which are contour feathers and which are down feathers?
  • Identify what a bird eats by just looking at its beak.
  • Explore what a bird’s footprint can tell you about that bird.
  • Find the camouflaged bird hidden in each picture.
  • Learn about the different types of birds. Discover how some are the world’s toxic, clean-up crews. Learn how some birds can cruise for days and not seek dry land for years! Observe incredible feathered displays and dances. Know in an instant whether a bird is a crow or a raven.
  • Make ever better paper airplanes to explore how birds fly.
  • Explore the endearing courting, nesting and parenting behaviors of birds.
  • Find out which birds can hover, fly backwards and even fly upside down! Which can dive at over 100 miles an hour?
  • Learn about The Age of Terror Birds. These giant birds were once an apex predator.
  • Have a question? Select the Electra ICON and she will materialize. Converse with her by either speaking or typing. Click her away to return to the book.