1 What did you do last time? 2 kinetic newton joule work motion force PRINT the word next
to the image on the next slide.
EN-lesson P1 L4 for wor new kin jou mot
These stacked rocks have: Potential
Can you
define it
For mechanical energy, it is the energy of position.
5 Balance a book
on your head!
You just stored some potential energy
in the book. Position matters!
Stack some rocks. You have stored energy in the position of the rocks.
This energy of position is called potential energy.
7 Imagine climbing
a tall ladder.

What have you stored?
Potental Energy!
8 Find a book.
One with a hardcover
will work the best.
Let's store some energy of position!
9 Does the book on your head have energy?
It is not in motion but any second now
it COULD fall off of your head!

The book has energy stored in its position.
The energy in the book has the POTENTIAL,
the ability, to become KINETIC energy if the book falls.
Balance the book,
preferably on top of your head.

Stand very still. Don’t let it fall.
Can you walk across
an entire room or outdoor space
with the book balanced on your head?
How fast can you walk,
without dropping
the book?

Use a stop watch
to time yourself
or race with some friends.
11 It is converted
to the energy of motion,
kinetic energy, as it falls!
When the book falls off your head,
what happens to the potential energy
12 You just showed that potential energy can become kinetic energy.

So potential energy has the ABILITY to do work, too!
Remember, kinetic energy has the ability to move something with a force.
So it has the ability to do work.
13 Eureka! Video on Potential Energy REMEMBER: Work takes place when a FORCE
moves an object a DISTANCE.
Work = Force x Distance This class is about energy.
What does energy have to do with work
Click for answer ENERGY is the ABILITY to do work,
the ability to MOVE something
with a FORCE.
15 Bar graph option here. Skate Board Park Click on Electra 1 2 Slow and stop motion controls 16 Skate Board Park with Friction 17 Click on the BOX labeled: Playground. Design the loops.
Can the skater complete your course?
Design Your Own Skate Board Park!
18 Where is the
swing highest?
Two places: the top
of the arc --
at each end.
19 She can't go UP
without it.
The lowest point
on the arc
20 D click for answer 21 Assume it has
sufficient energy
to reach it!
Right at D, at the very TOP.
Hopefully it has enough
kinetic energy to reach that point!
22 B 23 What is WORK What is ENERGY What type of
mechanical energy relies
on an objects position
in a gravitational field
What is the the energy
of motion called
1 2 3 4 5 A type of energy based on an objects motion and position kinetic energy WORK = FORCE X DISTANCE The ABILITY
to do WORK
potential energy mechanical energy