Hiroshi Yamamoto

Hiroshi Yamamoto is an incredibly popular Japanese puzzle collector and designer of a large number of mechanical puzzles.  Hiroshi is a charter member of the famous NOBrain Corps and is also a part of the Har-e-brain Corps. He is the originator of many puzzle concepts including STORMY SEAS® and LUNAR LOCKOUT®. Hiroshi tutors junior high school students who are preparing for the national entrance examinations for high school in Japan. He also writes for a mathematics magazine which is distributed locally. Presently, he is devoting himself to puzzles because he loves them. His goal is to “continue to design original things.” Cool Circuits™ is one of his novel 3-dimensional puzzles and the first to be produced by ScienceWiz. Hiroshi Yamamoto lives in Matto city in Japan, which is about one hour’s flight northwest from Tokyo.

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