Lesson 1

This lesson requires diffraction glasses, prisms, crayons and paper.
What are light sources? Is the Sun a light source? How about the Moon?
Are bicycle reflectors light sources? Can you split white light into a rainbow?
Is there an order to the colors in the rainbow?

1 2 You will also need a clean flat area to do the projects: or or as well as some markers and crayons. 3 What does a light bulb have a candle in common with the Sun, and the distant stars? The light bulb, the sun, the candle and the distant stars are all light S O U R C E S ! They MAKE light. 5 How do you KNOW
that there is light?
6 You see light with your eyes. 7 To prove this to yourself,
close your eyes.
What do you see? NOT MUCH!
8 Your eyes are LIGHT detectors. With your eyes you can detect all the colors of the 9 Most of the objects around you ARE NOT light sources. toy car tennis ball book In a room without ANY light, you could not see them. 10 What about reflectors used on bicycles? What about reflectors used on bicycles? Reflectors don't produce light.
They only REFLECT light.
11 Is the Moon
a light source
NO! The Moon reflects
light from the SUN.
The Moon is NOT
a light source.
Click for answer.
12 Select or click on the images
that are light sources.
13 Light is NOT
a solid,
like a book
or a chair.
Light is NOT
a liquid
like water
or juice.
Light is NOT
a gas like the air in a balloon or
the wind that you feel.
Light is ENERGY!
14 RAINBOW from white light. Sunlight and electric lights
bathe the world in bright white light.
You can make a R A I N B O W
15 On to making rainbows.
Locate your light kit.
When you are ready, go to the next slide.
16 Find the rainbow glasses and the white card in your kit. Put on the glasses. 17 Look around. Rainbows, rainbows, everywhere! You have split WHITE light
into a rainbow of colors.
18 Are the colors in a rainbow always in the same order YES! Click for answer. On a piece of paper
color your own rainbow.
Are your colors in rainbow order?
19 Here are the colors
in a rainbow -- in order
20 Somewhere Over the Rainbow Rainbow: With Garden Hose Rainbow Facts 21 On a sunny day, you can use a prism to split WHITE sunlight into a rainbow of colors. BRIGHT
prism white
Hold the prism
so the sunlight
shines through it
onto the white surface.
22 Did you see a rainbow? A prism splits WHITE SUNLIGHT into a rainbow of colors. 23