Lesson 7

Explore The DC Construction Set
Endless wires, bulbs, switches and batteries available.
Go to the NEXT LEVEL in the Simulation Challenges

1 What did you do last time? 2 series parallel Print one of these words next to
the matching picture on the next slide.
loop conductor load insulator
E-lesson 7 loo ser par cond loa ins
4 Select to go to the NEXT level. 5 You can use an online DC Construction Kit
to further explore basic circuits.
This video will get you started.
6 DC Construction Kit Explore the DC Construction Kit. 7 Did ALL the bulbs go out? They should. to connect 1 switch, 3 bulbs and a battery
in ONE big loop or series circuit.
OPEN and CLOSE the SWITCH. Series Circuits Use the DC Construction Set What happens to the bulbs when the switch is OPEN?
8 OPEN and CLOSE the SWITCH. Here is one way to build this series circuit using the DC Construction Kit. First arrange the parts on the screen. Then connect
the parts.
What happens when you use the slider to lower the voltage on the battery to 1.5 volts?
9 Battery is 9 Volts
The lights are lit.
Battery is 1.5 Volts.
The bulbs are OUT.
Bulbs connected in series
take a higher voltage
to work at all.
FLOW AT 9 and 1.5 volts.
How does it change?
10 OPEN and CLOSE the SWITCHES. Parallel Circuits Use the DC Construction Set To build a parallel circuit. Connect at least
3 bulbs and
3 switches to
1 battery using
3 loops.
11 Turn off one of the bulbs by opening its switch. EVEN IF one bulb is turned off,
the other bulbs should remain on
in this parallel circuit design.
Parallel Circuits
12 Advanced BBC Documentary 13