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Ages 8 to 80, 40 page book of games and puzzles with 24 Pohaku stones, game board, puzzle tray, and score cards.

Pohaku™* is an enthralling set of strategy games and puzzles with only one rule.

Great for beginners and challenging for experts, you can play different variations depending on your age and level of skill.

Four Game Variations

  • Domino Pohaku™ is a stone matching game that is perfect for adults to play with young children because it is a game of skill with a high element of chance.
  • Standard Pohaku™ is a strategy game with only one playing rule involving more skill than chance.
  • The 5×5 Pohaku™ uses a 5×5 piece playing board which adds complexity to the game.
  • Toroidal Pohaku™ has scoring options that increase the challenge by introducing toroidal stone matching.

Pohaku™ offers an exceptional amount of play value in one box. With 26 single player puzzles and 4 multi-player games, there is always something new to try. Every new challenge is introduced at a beginner’s level and then increases in difficulty. Hints and solutions ensure that players of varied skills can work through each challenge.

Scott Kim says, “Try out a new game that lets you really play on the edge.” 

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