Lesson 1

1 2 You will also need
a clean flat area to do the projects:
or or
ALPHABET You know the English alphabet, the ABCs.
How quickly can you recite all twenty-six letters?
You know a lot about the alphabet.
You know that letters stand for sounds and
that letters are combined together to form words.
4 Go to the next slide. What you may not realize is that
there is also an alphabet for the universe.

The letters for this alphabet are called atoms or
E E L E M N T S !
5 The Periodic Table of Elements
IS the Alphabet of the Universe!
6 How many elements
are there in the periodic table?

The bad news is that
there are over one hundred!
7 You likely already KNOW
many of these elements!
The good news: silver copper nickel helium gold lead oxygen carbon nitrogen aluminum uranium iron
8 More good news! Only a small number
of these elements
are abundant in your body,
or in the Earth's crust,
or in the atmosphere.

AND the elements
follow simple patterns!
9 The Alphabet of the Universe 10 People have made use
of many of the elements.

So BEFORE you explore
the elements, step by step,
you can use the interactive table
on the next screen
to get an idea of where
you can find them
in actual products!
on the next slide!