Lesson 5

How can I find a broken connection?
Make your own continuity tester and find out.
Use it to solve circuit puzzles.

1 What did you do last time? 2 load closed PRINT one of these words next to
the matching picture on the next slide.
loop conductor opened insulator
E-lesson 5 loo ope clo con loa ins
4 Remember: Electrical current flows through the closed loop. OPEN CLOSED 5 Time to make a circuit puzzle.
Locate your book and kit.
When you are ready, go to the next slide.
6 Find these items in your kit: battery
1.5 Volt
buzzer alligator
7 Make a circuit tester, as shown. 1 This time you will use a buzzer to test if something conducts.
Last time, you used a light bulb instead of a buzzer.
8 new word alert - SHUNT Bite a copper penny
with the two alligator leads.
2 NOTE: Be sure the the two alligator clips DO NOT touch each other.
If they do touch, the buzzer will buzz no matter what you are testing.
You will have made a SHUNT and bypassed the test object.
Did the buzzer
9 Now use this buzzer circuit
to solve puzzles.
On to making a simple circuit puzzle.
10 Find a piece of card stock or cardboard. 1 Find four paper fasteners. Measure and cut
the cardboard
into a square
about 6 inches
(15 cm), on each side.
Make four holes
in the cardboard
and label each hole,
as shown.
2 3
11 4 5 Insert the paper fasteners. Flip the cardboard over and open the paper fasteners. 12 6 Connect two paper fasteners together
with an alligator lead or wire.
Flip the card over to hide your connections. Have a friend try to guess
which two fasteners
are connected.
13 You just tested for continuity. 7 Use your circuit tester to figure it out. 14 Select to Play. 15 Advanced BBC Documentary 16