Lesson 3

This lesson explores the energy of motion: kinetic energy.
Students generate kinetic energy, as well as transfer it from object to object.
They also apply the measurement of force to thought problems.
The symbol for “approximately equals” is introduced.

1 What did you do last time? 2 meter newton joule work energy force PRINT the word next
to the image on the next slide.
EN-lesson P1 L3 for wor new met jou ene
Can you
define it
The energy an object has
due to its motion.
Jump up and down! Congratulations!
You just released some kinetic energy!
6 RUN across the room
or the yard.

Chase a ball.
You are moving.
You are releasing the energy of motion - kinetic energy!
7 Wiggle your toes! YES! Kinetic Energy! Find three marbles. Let's transfer some kinetic energy! 9 Aim the big shooter
at the little marbles.
It takes practice. The energy of motion, kinetic energy,
goes from your thumb to the shooter,
and from the shooter to the little marbles, if you have a good aim.
Did you hit the little marbles?
10 Did the big marble DO WORK
on the little marbles?
YES, if your aim was good! WORK happens
when a FORCE moves something
through a DISTANCE.
Remember! ENERGY
is the ABILITY
Kinetic energy has the ability to move something with a force.
Kinetic energy has the ability to do work!
13 Eureka Video on Kinetic Energy REMEMBER: Work takes place when a FORCE
moves an object a DISTANCE.
Work = Force x Distance This class is about energy.
What does energy have to do with work
Click for answer ENERGY is the ABILITY to do work,
the ability to MOVE something
with a FORCE.
Now apply this understanding
to a few examples.
Click for the answers.
16 What does the "N"
stand for here?
ONE newton
17 300 is 3X more
than 100!
3 newtons
18 19 20 Gravity PULLS with a 1 newton when an apple
weighs 100 grams.
FORCE What does this double squiggle mean approximately equal to click for answer
21 22 23 What is WORK What is ENERGY What is the unit of force What is the
the energy of
motion called
1 2 3 4 5 Can kinetic energy
be transferred
kinetic energy WORK = FORCE X DISTANCE The ABILITY to do WORK newton YES