Lesson 1

1 2 You will also need
a clean flat area to do the projects:
or or
3 You now have a basic idea of what energy is and
how you can transfer it to other forms of energy.

Let’s take a look at how we use energy.
How do you use electrical energy in your home?
Which of these appliances do you have?
4 How is the electricity that comes
out of the wall plugs in your house made?

To understand this,
let’s make a very simple generator.
2 motors rubber stopper LED propeller 2 wires push pin bicycle You will need these items from your kit: You will also
need these:
5 Put the propeller on the shaft of the motor. Push the stopper
onto the shaft
of the motor.
Have an ADULT put
a hole in the stopper
with the push pin.
Wire the motors together. 1 2 3 4
6 Turn the bike upside down. What happens to the propeller? The spinning tire
is called
a flywheel.
generator While you are turning the pedal,
have an ADULT hold the rubber stopper against the spinning tire.
Turn the pedal
as fast as
you can!
5 6 7
7 Can you buzz the buzzer
or light an LED with
your flywheel generator?

These two parts work
in only one direction.
Reverse the connections
if needed.

ONE part may not work,
regardless. WHY?
Can you make
the propeller
turn the other way?
8 9
8 You just made a . . . GENERATOR! Your generator generated C T T by spinning the shaft of the motor
with the bicycle wheel.
WHY did this generate electricity? E L E C Y R I I
10 To answer this question you will need
to break open a motor to see what is inside.*

This is what you will see inside the motor.
You will find
coils of wire
wound around
the shaft
of the motor.
These coils
of wire are
surrounded by
two magnets
which create
a magnetic field.
* You may want to WAIT until you have finished ALL the projects in this book before you do this!
11 This is one of the great scientific discoveries. This 10 second animation states this discovery. “When you spin a coil of wire through a magnetic field,
you generate electrical current in the wire.”
12 which turned the shaft of the motor which turned the coils of wire inside the motor. These coils of wire were surrounded by a magnetic field. You used the bicycle tire to spin the stopper. In fact, you produced enough electricity in the first motor
to make the second motor spin!
The movement of the wire through this magnetic field
creates electrical current in the wire!
Click here to put this sequence in order,
on your own.
As a result of this spinning,
electrical current flows
through the wires in the
GRID to your HOME.
Click for answer. Today, most of the electricity
you use in your home comes from power plants that spin magnetic fields through coils of wire!
15 From the power station
- to the grid
- to your wall plug!
The spinning
of coils of wire
in a magnetic field
has provided
electricity to our homes..
for over 100 years!
17 Blow on
a pinwheel --
you are making
a turbine spin!
Most power plants use a turbine
to spin a magnetic field through coils of wire.

A turbine is a wheel or cylinder
with paddles around its outside.
A pinwheel
is a turbine.

the pinwheel in your kit.
18 Turbines & the Grid 19