Lesson 3

1 What did you do last time? 2 Newton object inertia motion rest law PRINT the word next
to the image on the next slide.
PH-lesson 4 L3 res mot ine law obj new
You have learned
about the problem
of climate change
and climate justice.
Let's explore
the solutions.
5 What is it? Renewable Energy 6 propeller Solar Spin To explore a renewable,
clean form of energy from the Sun,
solar cell motor find these three items in your kit. mylar mirror
7 Connect
the two wires
from the
solar cell
to the motor.
Place the propeller on
the shaft of the motor.
1 2 Go outside
on a sunny day.
Face the solar cell
directly at the Sun.

You may need
to turn the propeller,
to start the motor spinning.
8 What position of the solar cell (relative to the Sun) makes the motor spin the fastest? 4 If your solar cell is in the shade or not directly pointed at the Sun, you may still make the motor spin. Try this. Use the mylar
to reflect sunlight
onto the solar cell.
Does the solar cell work in the shade? Can you use the mylar to make the propeller spin
even when the solar cell itself is in the shade?
9 The solar cell changes light energy from the Sun
directly into electrical energy.
What does a solar cell DO The motor takes this electrical energy
and changes it into kinetic energy.
What does the motor DO
What are the advantages
of solar cells?
Click Here Solar power is CLEAN.
Solar cells do not release CO2 into the air.
Solar cells do not pollute the air, the ground or the water.

Solar cells convert sunlight directly into electrical current.
Solar cells do not use a generator or a turbine to make electricity.
Solar cells work as long as the Sun shines.
Sunlight is free.
11 You will need: Building a Solar Racer gears solar cell double sided tape motor axles washers wheels plastic frame 12 Push the plastic gear
onto the axle, as shown.
Put on
the wheel.
Push the axle through
a hollow section
on the car frame.
Leave room
on the axle
for a wheel.
Put on the washer and the wheel. 1 2 3 4
13 washer 5 6 Place the two wheels,
two washers and the axle,
through a hole on the back
of the car frame.
Push the pinion gear
onto the shaft
of the motor.
Wire the solar cell to the motor. Peal off the protective cover on the double
sided tape already
on the car frame.
7 8 Make
the wheels
spin freely.
14 Stick the motor onto the tape
so that the two gears engage
without locking together.
Be sure the motor is lined up with the axle and perpendicular to the gear. New Layer 9
15 Attach the solar cell to the car with double sided tape. 10 Place the blue
or black (negative)
wire in the front,
if you want
front wheel drive.
16 12 13 Use the mylar mirror
to reflect additional sunlight
onto the car’s solar cell.
Does it increase its speed.
Take the car out into bright sunlight.

Make sure that the motor spins freely in the sunlight
when the car is
off the ground.

Find a fairly smooth sidewalk or playground
to see if the car will run.
Does the solar car work in the shade?
Can you use the mylar square to make the car run even in the shade?
17 If the solar car does not work: 1. Is the Sun shining and is the car out of the shade? The solar cell must be pointing toward the Sun. You may need to adjust its angle if the sun is low or in the winter.

2. Does the front wheel spin in the sunlight when the car is off the ground? Check the motor’s connections to the solar cell. Make sure the front wheel is not rubbing against anything as it turns.Turn the shaft of the motor with your fingers to get it started.

3. Do the wheels spin freely? If not, did you forget to put on the small washers?Adjust the wheels so there is room for them to spin without rubbing on the frame of the car.

4. Check to see if the two gears engage without locking together TOO tightly. Be sure to leave some space between the pinion gear on the motor and the gear on the axle.

5. Be sure that the motor is aligned with the axle and that the pinion gear is perpendicular to the gear on the axle.
18 What is Solar Energy? 19 Is solar power clean Do solar panels release CO2
(a green house gas) into the air
Do solar panels work
well in cold weather
Do solar cells convert sunlight directly into electrical current 1 2 3 4 5 Do solar cells
have moving parts
20 Getting All Our Energy From
The Race is on to Reduce the Cost of Energy Storage Renewable Energy Goals Around the World