Lesson 2

This class requires color coded ring magnets and a pencil or straw.
These items are included in the kit.
Students use color coded magnets to explore the rules for magnetic attraction and repulsion.
They identify and label the magnetic poles: north and south.

1 What did you do last time? 2 ferromagnetic neodymium nickel iron metal magnet PRINT the word next
to the image on the next slide.
MAG-lesson L2 iro mag neo met nic fer
4 ATTRACTION! The force that sticks iron to magnets is called 5 Let's go fishing! You will need: string paper clips ring magnet fish cutouts pencil ATTRACTION! 6 NOW
Slide a paper clip onto each fish. Tie the ring magnet
to the end
of the string.
Make a fishing pole
with a pencil and string.
1 2 3 Put the fish
on the floor or
in a container on the floor.
7 ATTRACTION! MAGNETIC ATTRACTION! 8 REPULSION The opposite of ATTRACTION is 9 REPULSION means to PUSH apart. Try some repulsion! 10 To try some REPULSION straw or
with magnets,
you will need:
3 ring magnets
11 Put the three ring magnets
onto your pencil.
Arrange them so that
the top two magnets will FLOAT.

If two magnets stick together,
flip one over.
REPULSION!!! REPULSION!!! REPULSION!!! REPULSION!!! REPULSION!!! What colors have to face each other to get REPULSION?
12 Which colors on
the ring magnets ATTRACT each other
Does red stick
to white
What colors REPEL
each other on
the ring magnets
Does red push away red?
Does white push away white
red attracts white
YES! LIKE or same colors YES!
13 2. One rule for repulsion 1. One rule for attraction State the rules
(THREE words each)
you just learned for magnets:
14 Like sides REPEL - push apart The Rules Opposite sides ATTRACT 15 Magnetic Poles The two ends of a magnet
are called POLES.

16 North Pole South Pole South Pole North Pole The two ends or poles
of a magnet are different.

Each POLE has a name.
17 for South for North Do you see the S and the N on each end
of your bar magnet?
18 Now use the word POLE
in your two rules for magnets.
19 Magnetism A 1 minute review 20 21