Charge Book & Kit


Build a Van de Graaff Generator

Do Projects in Electrostatics

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For ages 8 and up
Includes a 40-page science book with materials.

Build 6 different devices to explore CHARGE!

  • Build a hair-raising Van de Graaff Generator
  • Detect charge with an electroscope
  • Store charge in a Leyden jar
  • Spin an electrostatic motor
  • Transport charge with an electrophorus
  • Ring a Franklin bell

Complete 15 activities with these devices:

  • Spew a glitter fountain
  • Make your hair stand on end with electrostatic CHARGE!
  • Generate large sparks with an electrostatic generator
  • Spin an electrostatic motor
  • Explore and detect plus and minus charges
  • Propel objects with an electrostatic generator

Requires 2 D cell batteries

Author’s Comment: This kit includes the parts for building a real Van de Graaff Generator. For best results use both good grounding and low humidity.

BE SURE TO ENTER the Portal to Discovery to explore the large range of activities you can do with this electrostatic device.


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