The ScienceWiz Clip-On Microscope


The Amazing, Breakthrough Microscope!

At a breakthrough price!

Best of Show 2018!  Now you can truly see the microscopic world with your ScienceWiz Optical Magnification Clip-on Microscope!

  • 200 – 400X optical!  600 – 1000X digital magnification clip-on microscope
  • Autofocusing and compatible with both cell phone cameras and tablets
  • Large working distance allows you to observe as you stain your own slides
  • Industrial grade, scratch resistant coated lens
  • Works with standard pre-made or wet-mount microscope slides

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This High Powered Microscope fits in your pocket!

  • The ScienceWiz Clip-On Microscope includes a scratch-resistant, industrial grade 200 – 400X digital magnification lens (resolving power depends on the camera lens and number of pixels in the smart device).
  • The universal microscope clip works with most smart phones and tablet cameras. It includes a stand with metal clips to hold a standard microscope slide in place.
  • Given the large working distance ABOVE the slide, you can actually observe directly on the digital screen as you build your own slides. It works with the smart device’s standard camera and photo Apps to record the microscope images either as a photo, a video or in time lapse.
  • This microscope is perfect for students, lab work or field work.
  • The lens magnification pairs with the built-in camera lens to autofocus.
  • It works in BOTH selfie mode and with the front camera.
  • The light source is included.
  • Seriously, you TOTALLY want this!  You’re friends won’t believe it, but then you will show them what they’ve been missing!  WOW!


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