Lesson 2

Requires: wax, crayons, string, pan, heating element, water and 2 cans
Favorite childhood activities are used to explore the changes of state of matter.
These changes in state include: melt, freeze, evaporate, boil and condense.
Through videos and a simulation students learn that all matter is made of particles.

1 What did you do last time? 2 volume state matter liquid solid gas PRINT the word next
to the image on the next slide.
Chem - L2 sol liq mat gas sta vol
4 Going from
a solid to a liquid is called
Going from
a liquid to a solid is called
MELTING! FREEZING! Each change in state has a name!
Click for answer. Click for answer.
5 What do you call it
when a liquid changes to a gas?

There are actually two names.
Do you know them?
boiling evaporation Click for answer. Click for answer.
6 Measure & record
how much water
is left each day.
Evaporation! How long does it take for the water
to evaporate from each container?
Which is faster?
Leave it open.
Set both aside.
Empty the water
into a dry flat
pan or dish.
Refill the
test tube
with water.
Fill a 10 ml. test
tube with water.
4 2 3 1 5
7 Feel the outside
surface of the glass.
Wait a few minutes. Going from a Gas to a Liquid The cold glass
CONDENSES water vapor
out of the air
onto the surface of the cup.
Fill a cup or jar
with ice cubes.
Add tap water. 4 2 1 3 Why is it wet?

Where did the water on the
outside of the glass come from?
8 Have you seen
water condensation:

in the shower?

on car windows?

on a cold glass?

When a gas becomes a liquid,
it is called CONDENSATION!
9 A liquid takes the shape of what Does a solid have
a fixed shape
What is the volume of a gas Define matter 1 2 3 4 5 Name four states
of matter
Anything that has mass and volume its container YES A gas spreads to fill
the container it is in.
solid, liquid, gas, plasma
10 2 cans You can change wax from
a solid, to a liquid and to a gas.
Let’s make candles! pot of water wax string crayons You will need:
11 The SOLID wax and crayons MELT into a LIQUID. Put the wax and crayon
into the can and place the can
in the pan
of water.
Heat the water
to melt the wax
and crayons.
12 Dip the string
into the wax.
TO MAKE TALL CANDLES As the wax cools, it hardens into a SOLID. COOL the wax
by dipping it
into COLD water.
over and over.
4 5
13 To turn the
SOLID candle wax
into a GAS,
burn it.

As it burns,
the wax vaporizes.

It becomes a GAS.
14 To MAKE MOLDED CANDLES Have an adult
pour the wax
into the mold.
Find a mold
such as a pint milk carton
(500 ml).
Cut off the lid.
Let the wax cool. Remove the solidified candle,
if you used a soft mold.
Use a craft stick or pencil to
center the wick over the mold.
1 2 3 Place the mold(s) on a cookie sheet covered with foil. 5 4
15 Creative Candle Making Ideas Wax and Crayon Candles Four Easy Candles for Beginners 16 Matter is Made of Particles 17 SIMULATION: States of Matter 1. In which state of matter do
the particles spread throughout?

2. In which state of matter do the
particles go to the bottom and slip and slide past each other, but stay together?

3. In which state of matter are the particles more rigidly packed together and have their own shape? Do they still move?
FIRST click
on Electra.
THEN select
the red button.
Watch the particles as you change the state. 1. Gas
2. Liquid
3. Solid, yes