Lesson 2

Build an Electric Motor.
The kit contains magnet wire, a magnet, 2 connecting wires,
2 paper clips, a foam base and a battery band.

You will need a 1.5 Volt Battery.

1 What did you do last time? 2 electromagnet poles magnet wire permanent coil compass PRINT the word next
to the image on the next slide.
I-Lesson 2 coi com mag mag pol ele
4 Now use a coil
to build a spinning
You have built an electromagnet
AND you have learned about coils.
battery band
With a coil you can make a spinning motor. magnet wire 1.5 V battery connecting
You will need: sand paper dowel
paper clips
bar magnet
6 Building a Motor Click to watch 7 coil magnet
You will be winding
the magnet wire
into a coil.
lead lead
8 Wind the wire
around the dowel
from 10 to 20 times.
1 Be sure to leave 2 inches
or 5 cm of wire free
at each end.
9 Remove the dowel. You will be left
with a spring of wire.
10 4 Be sure
the two leads
are well centered
and straight.
Squeeze the coil together
and wrap one end
of the wire
around the coil.
3 Wind the free end
of the wire around the coil like this.
11 DO NOT sand
the red enamel
on the bottom half
of each lead.
5 Sand the top half
of each lead.
12 Be sure the paint is completely removed
from the top half of each lead.
The sanded top half should shine.
Be sure the area
where the lead meets the coil
is well sanded.
SANDING IS IMPORTANT: There should be NO enamel
on the sanded top half of each lead.
13 6 Now that the coil is finished,
find the 2 jumbo sized paperclips
and unfold each one.
14 You may need
to give the coil
a gentle tap
to get it started.
Loop the battery band
around the battery.
Be sure to twist
the stranded wire.
7 For more help
with the motor -
Connect the motor
together like this.
15 Centering the Coil Spinning the Coil 1. Check the sanding on the coil.
Is the top half of each lead sanded?

2. Is the coil centered and straight?

3. Are the paperclips lined up
evenly with each other?

4. Is the battery working?

5. Do all the connections have good metal-to-metal contact?

6. Is the coil as close to the magnet
as possible without touching it?

7. If the bar magnet hits the paperclips, put a rubber band
around the magnet and foam.
16 Magic of the Motor Look -- No Hands! Spinning Motor! 17