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  • 40 page science books and materials in multiples of 6, 12 or 24 sets per box.
  • The highly visual, step-by-step instructions enable students to work independently.

Complies with NGSS:

NGSS 5.Structure and Properties of Matter
5-PS1-1, 5-PS1-2, 5-PS1-3, 5-PS1-4

Core Disciplinary Ideas:
PS1.A Structure and Properties of Matter;
PS1.B Chemical Reaction

Chemistry+: Atoms and the Alphabet of the Universe (mostly metals)
Selected experiments designed to make elements elementary and explore the periodicity of the periodic table. Learn about atoms and the stuff they are made of – protons, neutrons and electrons.


The Alphabet of the Universe

  • Split water into rocket fuel with a battery and pencil graphite, pop the captured hydrogen to explore the properties of the first element
  • Act out the roles of electrons and protons in hydrogen and helium
  • Use pH sticks to measure acids and bases and relate pH to dissociated hydrogen
  • Discover how many of the elements are familiar metals
  • Hi-light the very few elements that are actually non-metals
  • Investigate the properties of noble gases starting with the most familiar — helium
  • Explore the properties of alkali metals by flame testing the common salts, watching videos of their extraordinary reactivity with water and forming crystals
  • Relate salts to crystal formation, ionic bonds and their pairing with halogens
  • Investigate calcium, an alkaline earth that is found in chalk, your bones and egg shells and make a calcium sulfate caste to explore exothermal reactions
  • React a solid with a liquid and produce and capture CO2 gas
  • Use an acid test to distinguish calcium sulfate from calcium carbonate
  • Understand crystal making in terms of the periodic table
  • Discover the “personality traits” of the elements in The Periodic Table

Requires 1 D-cell battery per student

The online teacher lesson plans (Teacher’s Guide sold separately) coordinate the ScienceWiz ChemistryPlus projects with web-based materials. These include animations, videos, interactives and assessment materials.

Supplemental internet materials allow students to progress at their own pace and to their own level of interest and detail. The web contents are periodically updated by scientists and educators.

These Teacher’s Packs are designed so that students have their own readers and materials. Extensions to the primary projects are feasible as there are sufficient supplies for all. This Pack has a number of consumables. Replacement consumables can be purchased through this website or directly through ScienceWiz™.

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