Collisions Teacher’s Pack


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  • 40 page science books and materials in multiples of 6, 12 or 24 sets per box.
  • The highly visual, step-by-step instructions enable students to work independently.

Complies with NGSS:

NGSS 4.Energy
4-PS3-3, 4-PS3-4

Core Disciplinary Ideas:
PS3.B: Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer;
PS3.C: Relationship Between Energy and Forces, Gravity

Mechanics, Waves & Energy: Collisions and Trajectories
Explore elastic and inelastic collisions, kinetic and potential energy, momentum, circular motion and pendulums.


Student Experiments

  • Newton’s cradle
  • Elastic and not-so-elastic collisions
  • Inelastic collisions with carts
  • Momentum with marbles and carts
  • Transferring momentum with balls
  • Trajectories and stomp rocket science
  • Build catapults and compare trajectories
  • Circular motion
  • Painting with pendulums

The online teacher lesson plans (Teacher’s Guide sold separately) coordinate the ScienceWiz Collisions projects with web-based materials. These include animations, videos, interactives and assessment materials.

Supplemental internet materials allow students to progress at their own pace and to their own level of interest and detail. The web contents are periodically updated by scientists and educators.

These Teacher’s Packs are designed so that students have their own readers and materials. Extensions to the primary projects are feasible as there are sufficient supplies for all. This Pack consists of largely non-consumables and uses robust components designed for years of classroom use. Replacement parts can be purchased on this website or by contacting ScienceWiz™.

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