Climate Change Portals

The Crisis - the Challenges - the Energy Politics - and Energy Solutions

Trouble for Our Precious Earth

Costs for the increasing number of weather disasters are budget busting

A docu-drama on the looming crisis

By burning coal to make and squander electricity, by burning gasoline in cars, trucks and ships, by heating with natural gas, and through the destruction of forests from the tropics to the tundra, man is overwhelming the atmosphere with carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. These gases are destabilizing the climate and threaten to disrupt our agriculture, drown our coastal cities, bring severe drought, dust storms and firestorm to already parched lands, and severe storms and precipitation to others. We have to change. We must not settle for way-too-little, way-too-late. We must turn a deaf ear to stalling tactics and nay sayers from the fossil fuel industry. We must act NOW and quickly as clips from the following award winning docudrama warns.

The greenhouse effect explained

Below is a simple explanation followed by a 5-part lecture sequence on the Greenhouse effect. You may want to listen to the videos explanations more than once. There is one piece of inadvertently confusing information we wish to clarify. That is in regard to just how long excess carbon dioxide emissions from coal, petroleum and natural gas will persist in the atmosphere. From the lecture sequence, you might think that were we to end fossil fuel emission tomorrow, the excess CO2 put into the atmosphere through man's burning of these fuels will last only about 100 years at which point it will fully decay away. That is NOT true. The average single molecule may hang around that long but that is not the key point. It is the total amount of excess carbon dioxide that matters. CO2 as a whole is a LONG LIVED atmospheric gas. A substantial percentage will persist in the atmosphere for not 100's but actually many 1000's of years. This represents a major problem for mankind. It means that we don't get to take it all back when we finally realize that we have gone too far. In fact, we are now releasing into the atmosphere an amount of CO2 that took living organisms and the planet earth about 350 million years to sequester. NOT a bright idea and, as you might imagine, NOT quickly reversible.

Dead Oceans

Deforestation and climate change

Patterns to Fire and Drought

Levels of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, are also rising in the atmosphere

How Changes in Temperature are Affecting What Can Grow Where

Unstable weather with extreme droughts, fires and dust storms in a warming planet

Elsewhere severe and erratic weather with extreme flooding and precipitation

Global warming is causing ice to melt around the world

As ice melts from Greenland and Antarctica, sea levels will rise flooding coastal cities

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