ScienceWiz NGSS STEM Progressions Old

of the Earth, from IN to OUT: Core, Mantel, and Crust.
Some Crust is Thick (continents). Some Crust is Thin (oceans) All the Crust is Cracked.
Igneous Rocks, Volcanic Eruptions
Three Types of Lava Eruptions: Big, Little and Humongous.
Three types of Pyroclastic Eruptions: Big, Little and Humongous.
Tectonic Plates
The Crust is Cracked and
on the Move.
Sedimentary Rocks, Weathering, FossilsMetamorphic Rocks and The Rock Cycle — When Rocks Cycles and When They Don’t.
Dynamic Earth,
Tectonic Plates Movement, Density and the Sum of the Forces. It is always the SUM of the FORCES!
Temperature of Lava and Rocks, ah a pattern. Mafic (Basalt) to Felsic (Granite). Simple Geometries and 11 Minerals with Awful Names.
ASTROPHYSICSPhases of the MoonThe MoonPlanets
and The Solar System
The Sun is a Star.
The Sun’s Energy Source and Energy Transfer. Radiant Energy.
Lifecycle of Stars: A Matter of Mass and Gravity. The Sum of the Forces. It is always the SUM of the FORCES.Big Bang, Black Holes, Galaxies, Cosmic Web, Expanding Universe, Dark Matter/ Dark Energy MysteryTypes of Stars and the Origins of Elements. Exoplanets.
The Search For Extraterrestrial Life and The Oxygen Signature.
BIOLOGY-GEOLOGYThe First Cells, Photosynthesis, Stromatolites,
O2 Catastrophe, Snowball Earth
Ediacaran to Cambrian Explosion, Rise of the Fishes, Carboniferous (Giant Insects) to Permian Extinction. How the Carboniferous Sequestered Carbon — COAL, OIL. What caused the Great Dying? Where were the Tectonic Plates THEN. What was the atmosphere like?
The Tapestry of Time and Fossil Hunting.
Fungi and Creating Soils, Ecosystem w Fungi and Liverworts Symbiosis Colonization of land: Plants, Forests, and Fungi. What Animals were first to Colonize the Land? The Dinosaurs and Mammals Emerge More Coal and Oil is Formed
What caused the The Extinctions of the Dinosaurs –Except Birds. Fungi, Birds and Mammals Make it Through. The Tapestry of Time and Fossil Hunting.
Age of Giant Birds, Rise of the Mammals

CHEMISTRYSolids, Liquids and GasesMixtures and Solutions
Heat and Temperature
Atoms and the Alphabet of the Universe (mostly metals)Atoms, Molecules and Chemical Reactions. Energy of Reaction.
MECHANICS & WAVES & ENERGYLightPhysics, Force and Motion. Newton’s Laws. Bottle Rockets and Action Reaction.
Sound, Make Vibrations, Bend, Bounce and Absorb Sound Waves. Use an app to measure volume (amplitude). Play with pitch and use an app to generate pitch and associate with frequency. Model Longitutinal Waves with A Slinky. Compare with Transverse Light Waves. Gravity,
Collisions and Trajectories
Energy (Radiant, Sound, Thermal, ElectroMagnetic, Gravity, etc.), Kinetic and Potential Energy, Energy Transfer
Conservation of Energy and Entropy.
Energy Usage and Climate Change. The Greenhouse Effect and Fossil Fuels. The Challenge and Solutions. Solar and Wind and Renewables.
ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISMElectricityMagnetismChargeVoltage, Current and ResistanceElectronicsInventions with Coils and Mr. Faraday.
ENGINEERING PROJECTSBuild Simple Circuit Loops and Make a Switch.Make a Compass.
Build and Explore Electromagnets. Vary the Turns, Flip the Battery Connections, Use a Compass to Identify Poles.
Build an Edison Style Phonograph and Capture Sound Vibrations.
Be Sure to SHOUT!
Make a Voltage Pile and Potato Battery. Learn to Use a Multimeter.
Build a Van de Graaff Generator to Spin an Electrostatic Motor and Ring a Franklin Bell.
Build a Touch Sensor, Blinky Lights and a Lie DetectorBuild a Motor (20 minutes), Break Open a Motor, Make a Very Simple Generator (5 minutes), Turn An Electromagnet into a Telegraph (30 minutes), Build a Radio (1.5 hours)
MOLECULES TO CELLSCells Through a Microscope Meet the Eukaryotes. Meet the Cells in Your Mouth that Have NO Nuclei — Bacteria.
DNA and A Four Letter Alphabet 
Replication with a One Sided Ladder — Its Elementary. 
Chromosome Puzzles.
What ALL Cells Do. 
Cells, Organelles and The Molecules of Life
Molecules of Life
Parts of an Animal
From young to old.
Protecting the Young 
Survival for Plants and Animals
More on Senses
Inside the Human Body
Inside a Worm
Inside a Fish
Inside a Frog
Anatomy of a Fruit Fly
Meet the Family Tree of Plants and the Family Tree of Animals.
Meet the Fungi – neither Plant nor Animal
The Diversity of Life
Life Cycles
Is The Tree of Life actually a Tangled Bush? Most Abundant Organisms: Bacteria. Biofilms and Interdependence.
The Diversity of Life
Life Cycles
HEREDITY, EVOLUTION, EVO-DEVOInherited Traits, Variations and Adaptation
Genetic Traits from 
Peas to People 
Dominant / Recessive
Natural Selection 
Survival of the Fittest
Play the peppered moth Game
Genetic Traits from Genes to Proteins
Traits involving More than One Gene
Evo Devo and the Tree of Life
The Jumping, Splitting, Splicing and Sharing of DNA and RNA: Viruses, Plasmids and Phages And the Tree of Life
ECOSYSTEMSWhat Plants Need, What Animals Need, What Fungi Need, The Food Web, EcosystemsSocial and Group Behavior, Eco Systems, Interdependence, Predator, PreyAll Cells Come from Other Cells. Every Cell in Your Body is 3.8 Billion Years Old. Every Cell Alive Today Has An Ancient Lineage.

How Life Keeps Transforming the Planet From the Oxygen Catastrophe to Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change.

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